Roku takes aim at Fire TV deals with massive discounts on Roku Express and Premiere

If you’re after a new streaming device this week you might be tempted to pick up an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K, but you should also consider the Roku Express, on sale for just $22 (regularly $30) during Amazon Prime Day

In addition to the Express, there’s also a deal on the Roku Premiere for $28 (down from $40) and the Roku Streaming Stick+ that’s $38 (down from $50).

The Express, the bottom of Roku’s lineup, is an easy sell considering how cheap it is, but keep in mind that it’s only able to stream 1080p video – you’ll need to step up to the Premiere or Streaming Stick+ if you want 4K HDR streaming. 

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Deals are available on Amazon, and all major retailers including Walmart, Best Buy and Target through Saturday. 

Roku Express: $30 $21 Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy
If you need a new streamer and don’t want to pay an outrageous amount of money for it, the Roku Express offers HD SDR streaming quality for a pittance. With hundreds of channels and over 500,000 movies and TV episodes, it’s a cord cutter’s dream. (Available 10/11-10/17)View Deal

Roku Premiere: $40 $27 at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy
The Roku Premiere is a step up from the company’s basic Roku Express and offers 4K HDR streaming for just a few bucks more. Offering the same free channels, TV shows and movies as its cheaper sibling, it’s still a phenomenal deal. (Available 10/11-10/17)View Deal

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Roku Streaming Stick+: $50 $37 at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy
Near the top of Roku’s range is the Roku Streaming Stick+ that comes with a Bluetooth/IR remote and expanded range. It can still do 4K HDR streaming like the Premiere, but it’s got a few other neat tricks that justify its slightly higher price. (Available 10/11-10/17)View Deal

More Roku deals

Looking for more Roku deals? You’ll find all the lowest prices from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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TechRadar is rounding up all the top deals over the Prime Day sales period, and we’ve put all the best Prime Day deals in an easy-to-navigate article to help you find the bargains you’re looking for.

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