Arsenal interest in David Raya raises some questions

The secondary aspect to this is the future of Matt Turner. There are already some rumours about Nottingham Forest, and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if he left. He is first choice for the USMNT right now, but without regular football, that’s surely not going to be the case indefinitely. I also thought it was just a little strange how, given his position with his national side, he wasn’t present at all during the US tour. I know he had played in the Gold Cup and needed some holidays, but with Arsenal in the USA, it seemed a little odd to me he wasn’t involved at all.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the manager thinks having two quality goalkeepers is important for the way he wants to build his squad. We know he’s got plenty of ideas, and a domestic/European keeper system wouldn’t be a major shock or anything – even if that hasn’t always worked for me when we’ve tried it in the past. The other thing to take into account here is that Raya has a strong relationship with goalkeeping coach Iñaki Caña, they worked together at Brentford, and this may be something that’s driving this interest. Given that he also recommended Alex Runarsson, you might be a little wary of that (I am), but it’s probably part of it.

I think Turner was already looking at a season where his only playing time would have been in the EFL and Carabao Cups. With Arsenal back in the Champions League, those are games that Ramsdale would have played, so it’s not as if he’d even have those Europa League group games. With two players like Ramsdale and Raya ahead of him, if this deal went through, he’d only have played due to some kind of injury crisis, so it does feel as if he needs to make a move for the sake of his own career.

This is quite interesting for a couple of reasons. First, and while I’m not going to jump to any big conclusions here, does it suggest that perhaps Mikel Arteta is not 100% convinced by Aaron Ramsdale as his number 1? Raya is a player we pursued in the past, but at that point Brentford weren’t for budging. Now, with just a year left on his contract, they have a decision to make if he won’t extend: cash in, or see him leave on a free.

— David Ornstein (@David_Ornstein) July 30, 2023

Overall, there’s plenty to try and unpack from this interest, and maybe too there’s an angle we’re not aware of at this moment in time. Arteta’s plans sometimes don’t make full sense until you see them executed, so if this one does happen, it will be fascinating to see how it plays out. I also think that the price-tag of £40m is not something we can meet until we sell a few more, so this is far from imminent.

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Let’s start with the news that Arsenal are reportedly looking to make a move for Brentford goalkeeper, David Raya.

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