Opinion: Robert Sanchez to Chelsea

I think really, even though I’m not against Sanchez, I wouldn’t exactly put myself in the category of being totally FOR it either. I agree with Expected Chelsea on X (formally Twitter) who wrote this yesterday and referred to a decent article by The Athletic here.

“I also like the fact that Sanchez has statistically been among the top 3 GKs in the PL in cross collection, shot stopping. 1v1s and distribution at some point in the last 3 years. Sure, he is a reclamation project, but at least we know that there is something to work with.

We have really missed a big and physical goalkeeper in our nets for some time, so that side of it really appeals to me.

But as I say, that’s another story really and that is my ultimate feeling here on goalkeepers first and foremost.

Look, it’s FAR from ideal, I know that. I have been very vocal in saying we need a new number one and I maintain it will be a massive mistake if we go in to this next season without getting one and putting our trust in Kepa instead. THAT is where our mistake is.

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  • Bravery on the ball

  • Of course, we all saw him lose his place to Jason Steele and go down the Brighton pecking order. But there is also more than meets the eye to this and none of us truly know what has gone on behind the scenes. Sanchez was reportedly very close with goalkeeper coach Ben Roberts at Brighton, who of course is now at Chelsea and is the one reportedly driving this move now. Reports are that Roberts leaving really effected Sanchez and played a part in his downfall.

    Chelsea’s move to sign Robert Sanchez really developed earlier this week, and it’s caused a stir I think it is safe to say.

    “His distribution is the most important thing I’ll be keeping an eye on. Stereotypes are why Kepa is seen as a “ball-playing GK”. He is not good with the ball and is an active liability when building-up. Sanchez, if he plays at all, will be a considerable upgrade on that front.”

    Aerial command

  • Ben Roberts must clearly believe that he and Pochettino can help get Sanchez back to his best, which we all saw and witnessed not that long ago at all. So I have no reason not to put my trust in him and the recruitment team, if that is what they decide to do.

    I’ve don’t know what the terms of the apparent bid are. But as Fabrizio Romano said yesterday, Chelsea are not revealing details of their offer for Sanchez yet, due to their good relationship with Brighton (apparently).

    We have seen MANY situations of players who have a bad season then going on to become world beaters, who is to say that Sanchez does not now do this and get back to the great form he showed at Brighton consistently before last season? Of course it’s a risk and none of us can see the future. But I am not against it and I feel that it could be a risk worth taking under the circumstances. And those circumstances are that the club are clearly not going to go for a new number one, and maybe, just maybe, this helps get Moises Caicedo done as well and will not break the bank.

    I don’t know if Mauricio Pochettino is genuinely happy with Kepa as his number one or whether that is just some wise PR. I am very concerned though, if anyone does think that Kepa should be our number one stopper this season, very concerned…

    This is all pretty much spot on. And also, I am at the moment putting my trust in our recruitment team and talent spotters, because they have done well so far in picking the right players and the right profiles, at least since January which is when they actually started their roles properly.

    “Like Saul, Sanchez is going to be another “reclamation” project. Probably a 10-20% chance of success here, not much more. I’d rather not engage in signings like these anymore but the recruitment team have shown enough for me to trust them on this.


  • He said: “I have no strong feelings for/against Robert Sanchez but this article provides a good summary of what made him good a couple of years ago.

    • Distribution
    • But if we can get him for a good deal and it does end up helping Caicedo as well, then I won’t be mad.

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    But as for Sanchez, I’m not against it. OK, again, it’s not ideal and he would not be my first choice, or even my second/third. But I don’t dislike him. In fact, before last season if you’d had asked if I wanted Chelsea to sign Sanchez from Brighton, I’d have not hesitated and said hell yes! 6ft 6in goalkeeper who commands his box and has a great natural reach, give that to me now!