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Italian reports such as Gianluca Di Marzio are suggesting that the two clubs are starting to get closer to agreeing a fee.

And for me, Nicolas Jackson is going to be a top player, but there is also a little bit of rawness still about his game.

And with Jackson as well, I think he can be comfortable playing any of the attacking positions, so there is that to factor in here too.

And on Vlahovic, I’m not against this deal at all. The club seemingly really want Lukaku out now ASAP and this is shaping up to be one of the only real options other than Saudi, which at the moment Lukaku is still saying no to.

Chelsea reportedly remain in talks with Juventus regarding a Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic swap deal at the time of writing.

I know many are against signing Vlahovic, but I think it could prove to actually be quite a smart deal if it largely favours us.

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I think it has to be right for us though. I’m happy to do it if it favours us, and getting rid of Lukaku (and his stupid wages) favours us, and also bringing in a new striker favours us. If the fee isn’t extortionate, then that favours us in my view.

Lukaku seemingly wants to join Juventus and reports suggest that he’s even agreed personal terms to go there. But Chelsea and Juventus now just need to agree the deal.

I do think Chelsea need another striker. Armando Broja could still use a loan in my view. We do not know how he will be when he starts playing again after such a long time out and such a serious injury.

So that’s why I really feel that we do still need another striker, and that a loan might be the ideal option for Broja right now so he can play and recover.

The fee that Juventus are asking for as well as Lukaku for Vlahovic to then go the other way, looks to be too high at the moment though.

I like Vlahovic and I think he could be a very good signing. He’s a good all-round striker who whilst dipped in form last season, is still very young, will develop, and has shown that he can be a top class striker before last season. I can honestly see him becoming very good under Poch as he is just the type of striker that he likes.

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